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over 5 years ago

Congrats to our Sponsor Prize winners!

The sponsors have deliberated on all of your submissions and the results are in!


Sponsor Winners:  
Byton - 1st Place CAR-O-KE
Byton - 2nd Place Talk Talk
Viond - 1st Place A Trip to Space
Viond - 2nd Place Make A Change
Viond - 3rd Place World of Adventure
Viond - Honorable Mention Jump360
Visa - 1st Place Blindsight
Visa - 2nd Place AI Vision
Visa - 3rd Place Agri360
Amazon Alexa - 1st Place AI Vision
Amazon Alexa - 2nd Place LadyBeats
Amazon Alexa - 3rd Place Smart Plant IoT
Honorable Mentions Gaze VUI
Honorable Mentions Winnie
Novartis Veta Health
Novartis Medable
Novartis Wavy
Novartis Pulse
Novartis Cardios
TomTom - Best App ARound
Here Mobility Blindsight
Sony Pictures Sound Shop
United Airlines Pickle


Sponsors will reach out to these winners separately. We thank you all for your hard work and excellent submissions!