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over 4 years ago

Sponsor workshops announced!

Did you know that some of our sponsors are offering bonus prizes? Check out the requirements from each on the Sponsor Prizes tab. They are also hosting online workshops to help you get started.

Viond: Join Arthur Bax, Viond’s 360° Content Producer, Monday, July 9th at 2pm ET (Date changed*) for a short and powerful webinar on how to create a winning and interactive 360° experience using Viond.  Click here to register now.

TOMTOM: Join Gregory De Jans, TOMTOM's Head of Development, Wednesday, June 27th at 1pm ET for a workshop!  During this workshop, TomTom will elaborate on our TechCrunch Challenge: Location Based AR app on GitHub, showcase how developers can access location aware APIs and SDKs, and provide various demonstrations to highlight the features of this technology..  Click here to register now.

To sign up for TOMTOM Maps API, you can do so here.

BYTON: Workshop will be in early July (exact date TBD), in the meantime, join our #byton Slack room to ask Evan your questions.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.