•   over 4 years ago

Chrome extension/ Alexa skill approval

Can I submit my Chrome extension/Alexa skill even if the extension/skill is not accepted yet as they might take ~24 hours to get approved?


  • Manager   •   over 4 years ago

    Definitely. Alexa skills should be shared in beta testing with testing@devpost.com and hackathon@cutsingers.com before the deadline. Chrome extensions can also be shared with testing@devpost.com if not yet live.


  •   •   over 4 years ago

    Is the time over now? I was just submitting and filling in the details. I have already submitted it. Just have to add the video, files etc. Also, for publishing on Chrome Webstore, $5 have to be paid. I can't pay right now. SO, should I just send my ZIP file to testing@devpost.com

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